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Vote Hemp 2004 Presidential Candidate
Report Card - John Edwards

John Edwards

John Edwards (D)

Kept his promise to answer our survey. Supports allowing hemp research without special DEA permits. Willing to review issue further.

Senator John Edwards (D-NC) was at first reluctant to answer the Vote Hemp 2004 Candidate Survey, but after getting a question at the College Convention in Manchester, NH from Tom Murphy, Vote Hemp National Coordinator, Senator Edwards personally promised to answer the survey. Here is the exchange from the convention:

"Senator Edwards, industrial hemp is a low-THC variety of Cannabis sativa that is grown for its fiber, seed and oil. You have been asked about industrial hemp in New Hampshire before. What is your position on growing industrial hemp in the United States?" He paused for a second and said "Yes, I have been asked that question before. As I understand it, hemp has something to do with bio-energy, right?" Senator Edwards then said "Well, I'm still not prepared to answer the question..." There were groans from the audience and Senator Edwards continued "but I will promise you before all these people and all of these cameras that you will get an answer to your question by Monday." His staff answered the survey on Monday as promised.

Senator Edwards received a "B-" for keeping his promise to answer the survey on time, although he remained "undecided" on the issue of hemp food and hemp cultivation. However, he did say he supports more research into industrial hemp.

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