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Hemp: Nothing will change

Section: Letters

The Minot Daily News - Minot, North Dakota

Sunday, January 13, 2008

So "Team Dakota" won't talk about hemp in spite of the product being supported by Agricuture Commissioner Roger Johnson and our own state Legislature. The reason given that the DEA has spoken. One is left wondering if the DEA runs Congress or if Congress runs the DEA.

One also wonders why we even pay taxes to support state governments when their wishes are continually superceded by those of the federal government. Do our own state representatives not know what is in our best interests? What power do states even possess anymore?

It does not take a study from NDSU to find out the benefits of hemp, nor does it require a $50,000 fence to keep people out. One would assume people in the DEA, who are supposed to be knowledgable about drugs, would know about a thing called cross-pollination. The desirable female plant would be contaminated by the male. Besides, who in their right mind would grow a huge field of pot even if it were possible. In other words, pot would not grow in a hemp field.

In Monday's paper Kent Conrad said, "Frankly, we've got our hands full getting things done that can be done." So, passing a dubious farm bill that includes monies for the restoration of antique barns in New England can be done, but fighting for industrial hemp grown in North Dakota can not? Do we sent our delegates to Washington to avoid hard, controversial issues in spite of the wishes of their constituents?

The Minot Daily News got it right when they said nothing will change on this issue. There is something else that will not change. People will continue to lament big government, congressional approval ratings will continue to sink, and yet we will continue to send the same representatives to Washington with the firm belief that the problem lies with everyone elses congressmen, but certainly not our own.

Einstein once stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I sincerely hope before the next election that people will request a copy of our congressmens' voting records and keep in mind the words of Einstein.

Jason Hysjulien, Minot

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