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The letter below is from Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA 52nd District) to a Vote Hemp supporter in reply to a letter asking him to become a sponsor for the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009.

Rep. Duncan Hunter
(R-CA 52nd District)

If you receive a reply from one of your elected representatives please email a copy of it to us at hempinfo@votehemp.com. It will help with our lobbying efforts to know the contents of these letters. We will not publish your name or address and hold them in confidence.

August 13, 2009

Dear Constituent,

Thank you for contacting me with your support for H.R. 1866, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. It is good to hear from you.

Like you, I believe that farming and agriculture remain an important part of our economy, and it is important that we preserve this industry in our country.  I also recognize that rising global food demand, spiking food and fuel prices and the ever-present threat of development are pressuring America's farmers and ranchers. The United States is rich with natural resources, including oil, and I agree with you that we should be utilizing our products here at home before we import from foreign countries.

As you know, H.R. 1866 would allow American farmers to grow hemp to the extent allowed under state laws. It is important to remember that industrial hemp is regulated in the U.S. because the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officially classifies the product as marijuana, which is illegal to grow in the U.S. without a special permit.

I believe there are other actions we can take as a nation to boost our domestic economy, and remain concerned that the DEA continues to classify industrial hemp as marijuana. Though we disagree on this particular issue, please be assured that I will keep your specific thoughts in mind as we continue to discuss this issue.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.



Duncan Hunter
Member of Congress

Please visit my website at hunter.house.gov to sign up for my e-newsletter and receive electronic updates.


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