Oklahoma Hemp Law

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3,885 acres of hemp were licensed in Oklahoma in 2020, down from 21,635 acres in 2019

On this page you will find Oklahoma hemp law along with a history of how Oklahoma hemp bills have progressed through the State capitol over the years.  We also provide links to important information concerning Oklahoma hemp programs and state agency advisories or opinion letters.

Oklahoma Hemp Resources

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture hemp program

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture hemp application

Recent News

Oklahoma Farm Service Agency Director Allegedly Blocking Hemp Cultivation

A federal lawsuit filed in Oklahoma suggests that the state’s Farm Service Agency director has been misleading prospective hemp...

Oklahoma Farmers Celebrate First Industrial Hemp Harvest Since WWII

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - A few Oklahoma farmers are harvesting the state's first industrial hemp crops since World War II....

Oklahoma Hemp Law & Legislation

SB 868
Directs the State Board of Agriculture to consult with the Governor and Attorney General to submit necessary paperwork to the USDA for the approval of the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Program. The measure modifies the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Program so that it is no longer a pilot program and is compliant with federal law. It also repeals two sections of law that required the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry to 1) establish a certified hemp seed program and 2) to study the feasibility of attracting federal and private funding to implement the pilot program established in 2018.

SB 238
Creating labeling requirements for cannabidiol

HB 2913
Creates the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program, which allows universities or farmers contracting with universities to cultivate certified hemp seed for research and development for industrial uses. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry will manage the program. The measure creates within the department a revolving fund that will consist of all registration, lab, and inspection fees paid by program participants.

Status: Signed by Gov. Fallon on April 23, 2018

SB 2116

Marihuana legalization, taxation and regulation. Also defines industrial hemp. Introduced and first reading on 2/3/2014.
Download the text of SB 2116 as Introduced here (PDF file 90k).