Wyoming Hemp Law

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No hemp was grown in Wyoming last year

On this page you will find the most current Wyoming hemp law along with a history of how Wyoming hemp bills have progressed through the State capitol over the years. We also provide links to important information concerning Wyoming hemp programs and state agency advisories or opinion letters. Our goal is to keep the public, media and policy makers informed on each states status concerning hemp law and policy.

Wyoming Hemp Resources

Wyoming Hemp Program proposal submitted to USDA

Recent News

Hemp enters its second season in Wyoming

Powell, WY – Wyoming will be entering its second season in which the state is issuing licenses to hemp...

Wyoming Hemp Law

HB 0171

An act relating to food and drugs; amending substances regulated by the controlled substances act; providing for hemp production and hemp processing; providing rulemaking authority; providing a penalty; authorizing the use and possession of hemp and hemp products; providing an affirmative defense; repealing conflicting provisions; requiring the department to submit a state plan for the regulation of hemp; providing an appropriation; requiring a report; and providing for an effective date.

HB 230

AN ACT relating to food and drugs; authorizing industrial hemp farming as specified; providing for hemp farming for research purposes; providing licensure requirements; providing rulemaking authority; providing an affirmative defense for marihuana prosecutions as specified; and providing for an effective date.

STATUS: Passed Into Law Without the Governor’s Signature

Wyoming CBD Law

HB 0100

An act relating to public health and safety; authorizing adults to possess and use hemp extract; eliminating registration requirements; authorizing a parent or legal guardian to administer hemp extract to a minor or vulnerable adult; and providing for an effective date.