Erik Rothenberg Rest in Peace

Erik Rothenberg - Rest In PeaceOur friend and larger than life hemp hero Erik Rothenberg departed this world last Thursday, surrounded by love, family and friends.

Erik is who first turned me on to and sold us our first hemp oil. He was a hemp warrior who served on the Vote Hemp board and fought side by side against DEA when they attacked the industry in 2001.

Erik also ran a successful solar company and invented a currency called URSULA that indexes and values all that is good, true and beautiful in life (see video below). He also was the author of the seminal hemp treatise “A Renewal of Common Sense”.

He stood less than 5 ft tall but was a giant among men, cruising around in style in a gorgeous jet black 1957 Bentley he lovingly called Josephine. He cheated death more than once with good humor and trickster energy.

He also took on and went to the mat with the IRS, refusing to pay taxes for twenty years and somehow arguing his way through successfully based on deep immersion in constitutional law and incredible luck, culminating in a standoff with tax agents at his home he jiu-jitzued.

So many amazing memories of a true hemp warrior and homie.

Love you brother!
David Bronner
Cosmic Engagement Officer – Dr. Bronner’s
Board Member – Vote Hemp