Gov. Newsom Signs SB 292 – California Hemp Council Sponsored Hemp Cultivation Legislation

California Hemp CouncilOn Monday October 4th, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 292 (Wilk), the CHC sponsored measure that will conform California statutes regulating the reporting and testing of industrial hemp to the new requirements established under the United States Department of Agriculture interim and final rule, including provisions to align the California Food and Agricultural Code, California Department of Food and Agriculture regulations and the State Plan with the federal requirements.

Specifically, the bill will:

• Require registered established agricultural research institutions, registered growers of industrial hemp, and registered hemp breeders to report to the Farm Service Agency of the USDA information regarding their hemp production in the state including the location, acreage, and license or registration number associated with each location where hemp will be produced.
• Require that laboratory test reports of hemp allow for a measurement of uncertainty associated with the test results.
• Require laboratories to use appropriate, validated methods and procedures for all testing activities, including when estimating the measurement of uncertainty.
• Sunsets sections of the California Food and Agriculture Code that will become inoperative upon the sunset of the 2014 federal Farm Bill and makes technical changes to other sections that need updating due to changes in the Industrial Hemp Program.
• Allows for “despoil” of noncompliant “hot hemp” in addition to “destruction.”

The signing of SB 292 caps off a multiyear effort, led by the California Hemp Council, to authorize and optimize hemp cultivation in the state. These efforts included the passage of two previous bills (SB 1409 (Wilk) – 2018 & SB 153 (Wilk) – 2019). The net effect of all three measures has resulted in a legal state hemp program and the ensured long term success of hemp cultivation in California.

We would like to thank Senator Wilk for his steadfast commitment in pursuing success for California’s hemp industry.