Farmers and activists plant hemp on the DEA lawn

On October 13, 2009, a group of farmers and hemp business owners planted industrial hemp seed on the lawn at Drg Enforcement Administration (DEA) headquarters (700 Army Navy Dr, Arlington, VA). The group included Vote Hemp board members David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s, Steve Levine of Santa Barbara Hemp Company, farmer Will Allen of Vermont, farmer Wayne Hauge of North Dakota, business owner Isaac Nichelson and Adam Eidinger. The group was protesting DEA’s refusal to allow licensed farmers to grow hemp in states like North Dakota.

Farmers & Business owners prepare to plant hemp at DEA headquarters

Jack Herer memorial shovel for hemp planting at DEA

David Bronner plants hemp on the DEA headquarters lawn

Farmers Will Allen and Wayne Hauge plant hemp at DEA Headquarters

Will Allen & Adam Eidinger plant hemp at DEA headquarters

David Bronner arrested at DEA headquarters

Adam Eidinger arrested at DEA headquarters

Steve Levine arrested at DEA headquarters