Arizona Hemp Law

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1,386 acres of hemp were grown in Arizona in 2020, down from 5,432 acres in 2019

On this page you will find Arizona hemp law along with a history of how Arizona hemp bills have progressed through the State capitol over the years. We also provide links to important information concerning the Arizona hemp program.

Arizona Hemp Resources

Arizona Department of Agriculture hemp program

Arizona hemp law – Title 3. Agriculture, Ch. 2, Art. 4.1

Vote Hemp update on Arizona hemp bill signing – May 15, 2018

Recent News

Farmers are now able to legally grow hemp in Arizona

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - It is now officially legal for farmers to grow hemp in the state of Arizona....

With hemp farming about to become legal, Arizona marijuana farms fear cross-pollination

A marijuana farm in Santa Cruz County is requesting a buffer for new hemp farms...

Arizona Hemp Law & Legislation

SB 1019Various amendments including zoning related changes, establishing an advisory committee and requiring AZDA to publish a list of registrants.

STATUS: Passed by Senate and died in House

HB 2273
Requires the Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADA) to adopt the initial rules for the regulation of industrial hemp by May 31, 2019.

SB 1098

Industrial hemp farming regulated by state department of agriculture. Vote Hemp worked with volunteer and hemp entrepreneur Michael Stoltz, Sen. Borelli and Sen. Otondo to secure passage of SB 1098.

STATUS: Signed into law by Gov. Ducey on May 14, 2018

SB 1337

Industrial hemp farming regulated by state department of agriculture.

STATUS: Vetoed by Gov. Ducey due to funding concerns

SB 1225

Industrial Hemp Study Committee; On or before September 1, 2016, the industrial hemp study committee shall submit a report regarding its findings and recommendations to the governor, the speaker of the house of representatives and the president of the senate and provide a copy of this report to the secretary of state.

HB 2558

Defines industrial hemp. Introduced on 1/21/2014. Download the text of HB 2558 here (PDF file 41k).

SB 1122
Defines industrial hemp. Introduced on 1/21/2014.
Download the text of SB 1122 here (PDF file 49k).

SB 1431
Passed in House Education Committee, but no action taken.
Download the text of SB 1431 here (PDF file 2k).

SB 1519
Passed on 4/19/01, but vetoed by Gov. Hull on 4/25/01.
Download the text of SB 1519 here (PDF file 2k).