Michigan Hemp Law

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15,477 acres of hemp was licensed in Michigan last year. The state did not collect data on planted or harvested acres.

On this page you will find Michigan hemp law along with a history of how Michigan hemp bills have progressed through the State capitol over the years.  We also provide links to important information concerning Michigan hemp programs and state agency advisories or opinion letters.


Michigan Hemp Resources

Michigan Department of Agriculture Hemp Program

Michigan State University

MSU Hemp Farming Guide: Industrial Hemp Production in Michigan

Bureau of Marijuana Regulation and the Michigan Dept of Agriculture issued joint guidance regarding CBD and hemp
The guidance states: Products derived from industrial hemp, including CBD oil, fall under several different categories. Any substances that will be added to food, drink, animal feed, or marketed as dietary supplements must first be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for that intended use. At this time, the FDA has not approved CBD for use in food, drink, animal feed or as a dietary supplement. Therefore, it’s currently illegal to add CBD into food, animal feed products or drinks or dietary supplements.

Recent News

Michigan farmers are taking advantage of the hemp industry

(WXYZ) — Michigan farmers are calling it the next big thing in farming and for the state. Hemp farming...

Michigan Hemp Law & Legislation

HB 5439

Agriculture; other; industrial hemp; authorize research. Introduced by Representative Kevin Daley on 3/27/2014. Referred to Committee on Agriculture on 3/27/2014. Passed House on 5/22/14. Passed unanimously in Senate Agriculture Committee on 12/3/14. Referred to the Senate as a whole on 12/9/14.

Position: Support
Status: Signed by Governor Snyder on 1/15/2015
Download the text of HB 5439 as Introduced here (PDF file 40k).

HB 5440

Controlled substances; marihuana; definition of “marihuana”; revise to exclude industrial hemp grown or cultivated for research. Introduced by Representative Peter Pettalia on 3/27/2014.

Position: Support
Status: Signed by Governor Snyder on 1/15/2015
Download the text of HB 5440 as Introduced here (PDF file 28k).

HB 6480

Agriculture; products; regulations and oversight for growing and processing industrial hemp; establish. Introduced by Representative LaMar Lemmons on 9/22/2010. Referred to Committee on Agriculture on 9/22/2010.
Download the text of HB 6480 as Introduced here (PDF file 40k).

HB 6479

Agriculture; products; committee to study the uses of industrial hemp; create. Introduced by Representative LaMar Lemmons on 9/22/10. Referred to Committee on Agriculture on 9/22/10.
Download the text of HB 6479 as Introduced here (PDF file 28k).

HR 314

A resolution to memorialize Congress and the administration to recognize industrial hemp as a valuable agricultural commodity and to take certain steps to remove barriers in order to encourage the commercial production of this crop. Introduced by Representative LaMar Lemmons on 7/28/10. Referred to Committee on Commerce on 7/28/10.
Download the text of HR 314 as Introduced here (PDF file 20k).