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An estimated 2,100 acres of hemp were grown in Oregon in 2022

On this page you will find Oregon hemp law along with a history of how Oregon hemp bills have progressed through the State capitol over the years. We also provide links to important information concerning Oregon hemp programs and state agency advisories or opinion letters. Our goal is to keep the public, media and policy makers informed on each states status concerning hemp law and policy.

Oregon Hemp Resources

Oregon Department of Agriculture hemp program

Overview of July 1st Hemp Cannabinoid Rule Changes – June 21, 2022

ODA Hemp Program Update and Changes – July 2020

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Oregon Hemp Law & Regulations


The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) scheduled a meeting on September 28th of 2016 to consider new rules to comply with legislation (HB 4060) passed by the state legislature. To learn more, read the Oregon Industrial Hemp Permanent Rules 2016.


The Oregon Department of Agriculture is now accepting applications for industrial hemp licenses. Details on the program, regulations and applicaiton forms can be found on the ODA page for industrial hemp.

On August 10, 2015, a group of Oregon Senators and Representatives sent a letter to Oregon Dept. of Ag regarding hemp research and Oregon State University encouraging them to move forward with hemp research and the hemp licensing program for the 2016 season and offering assistance if needed. Signatories were Sen. Wyden, Sen. Merkley, Rep. Blumenauer, Rep. Bonamici, Rep. Defazio and Rep. Schrader.


Oregon Department of Agriculture – Draft regulations – proposed Nov. 13, 2014
The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has published draft hemp regulations and is seekng comment from the public and stakeholders. Vote Hemp has prepared suggested talking points for those interested in commenting. Comments are due to ODA by January 9, 2015 at 5 pm PST.

Oregon Hemp Legislation

HB 4060

Updates and clarifies provisions related to regulation of industrial hemp. Makes certain changes to program through which State Department of Agriculture regulates industrial hemp, including requiring any industrial hemp commodity or product intended for human consumption to be tested in accordance with rules adopted by Oregon Health Authority for testing marijuana items and allowing department and authority to jointly develop standards for testing industrial hemp crop to ensure crop contains average tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3 percent on dry weight basis. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Status: Signed into law by Gov. Brown on 3/29/16

HB 2668

Changes criteria for acquiring industrial hemp license or agricultural hemp seed production permit. Specifies that State Department of Agriculture shall rescind industrial hemp licenses if licenses were issued in manner that did not comply with enabling statute. Directs department to issue anew license to any person who previously held license if person meets criteria, as amended by Act, of enabling statute. Directs department to provide just compensation to any person who previously held license and who does not meet criteria, provided that person met criteria as set forth in enabling statute before effective date of Act. Suspends licensing of new growers of industrial hemp until March 1, 2017. Provides for research related to industrial hemp. Directs department to form rules advisory committee to adopt and amend rules related to industrial hemp. Increases General Fund appropriation made to State Department of Agriculture for purposes of carrying out certain provisions of Act. Increases General Fund appropriation made to Higher Education Coordinating Commission to be used by Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences for purposes of carrying out certain provisions of Act. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

SB 881

Provides that seed not intended for planting but remaining capable of germination is agricultural hemp seed. Includes seed processed in manner or to extent rendering seed incapable of germination in definition of “industrial hemp.” Provides that handling of seeds or seed products processed in manner or to extent of being incapable of germination does not require agricultural hemp seed production permit. Revises language regarding minimum size of industrial hemp operation. Reduces term of industrial hemp licenses and agricultural hemp seed production permits.

Status: Signed by Gov. Brown on 6/18/15

Measure 91 – Ballot Initiative

Measure 91 amends Chapter 897’s “Revocation or refusal of license or permit” regarding industrial hemp to prevent the department from revoking a state hemp license on the basis that “industrial hemp productions or possession, or commerce in industrial hemp commodities or products” is prohibited by federal law.

HB 3371

Relating to the Control, Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis Act; prescribing an effective date; providing for revenue raising that requires approval by a three-fifths majority. Provides for regulation of production, processing and sale of marijuana and marijuana-infused products. There are provisions for hemp licensing in this bill.

HB 3130

Relating to industrial hemp. Creates rebuttable presumption that person convicted of violating controlled substance laws is unfit to receive or hold industrial hemp license or agricultural hemp production permit.

SB 676

Permits production and possession of industrial hemp and trade in industrial hemp commodities and products.

Status: Governor signed into law on 8/4/09

SB 348

Allows hemp farming under state license.

SB 294

Allows hemp farming under state license.

HB 2769

Permits regulated production of industrial hemp.

SB 531

Died in Senate committee.

HB 3227

Died in House committee.

HB 3623

Died in committee.