California Bill AB 45 Passed! Going to Governor’s Desk for Expected Signature.

Bill authorizes the use of hemp in foods, beverages, cosmetics and even pet products in the state.

California Hemp CouncilOur multiyear effort to address the issuance of a California Department of Public Health (CDPH) FAQ in July of 2018, which prohibited the use of hemp derived cannabinoids in foods, beverages and cosmetics, is going to Governor Newsom’s desk. The bill, AB 45 (Aguiar-Curry), is a vital measure to ensure the continued success of the hemp industry in California as it affirmatively authorizes the use of hemp in foods, beverages, cosmetics and even pet products in the state.

The California Hemp Council has lead the effort along with Vote Hemp and other hemp and cannabis advocacy groups to pass legislation that would create a legal path to market for hemp extracts in foods and supplements. Today’s passage is the result of a 3 year effort to address the CDPH policy and open up California, the largest U.S. market for hemp derived cannabinoids.

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Dear Governor Newsom,

Please support AB 45 authored by State Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry which creates a regulatory framework for the retail sale and use of hemp-derived products including CBD. The regulatory structure created by AB 45 also provides significant consumer protections related to hemp derived products including testing, labeling and adherence to the Sherman Act (California’s food Drug and cosmetics safety law) and current good manufacturing practices under the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). In addition to CDPH safety oversight, AB 45 requires the same testing for California hemp products as is required for California cannabis products, which are some of the most stringent in the nation. Plainly, AB 45 will properly place California as a leader and model for the rest of the country in ensuring consumer access and safety as it relates to the sale and use of hemp-derived products.

Furthermore, the bill will provide economic stimulus. Authorizing the use of hemp in food, beverage and consumer products will create a significant path forward for California farmers to expand in the hemp industry. Not to mention that AB 45 fully opens California up to the billion-dollar hemp CBD market and provides a runway for the integration of hemp into the cannabis market to the benefit of both industries.

For these reasons, I ask you to support AB 45 to ensure California consumers can purchase safe, effective and non-intoxicating hemp products while providing

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