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Spineless delegation punts on hemp issue

Section: Letters

Frankie Savage - Moorhead, North Dakota

Friday, January 4, 2008

Too bad our North Dakota representative and senators turned spineless on the hemp issue. They must figure U.S. farmers are too stupid to provide the hemp oil in my refrigerator or the fabric in Mrs. Jesse Ventura's inaugural dress. Only foreign farmers are allowed to provide those products.

If illegal drugs weren't the largest U.S. business and marijuana wasn't already readily available, one might understand their position. It makes one wonder who Congress is really protecting. Perhaps it is illegal drugs or gas and coal interests in case hemp might become a cheap alternative fuel. Or perhaps it's foreign farmers?

When something is this irrational, we need to be seeking some real answers. Why shouldn't U.S. farmers be allowed to plant a product that is almost as profitable as sugar beets? The Canadian government seems to regulate it quite nicely. Maybe the Canadian government is a little more functional than ours.

I'd like to understand what's really going on.

Frankie Savage, Moorhead

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