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May 4, 2012
EIHA 9th Conference 2012

Dear Reader,

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is pleased to announce to its members, and others who are interested in the world-wide hemp industry, the 9th Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), which will be held on May 23rd-24th, 2012 at Wesseling near Cologne, Germany. More information may be had at:

The HIA is an event partner of the 9th Conference of the EIHA, and HIA members Gero Leson (Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps) and David Piller (Sustainable Living Roadshow) will be speaking. The HIA recommends that you attend this prestigious event. Please click here for a list of speakers and click here for a list of attendees.
Background to the Conference

The EIHA Conference is now established as the largest meeting of experts on industrial hemp in Europe and indeed world-wide. Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp and in other natural fibers and moreover on the applications for fibers, hurds (shivs), seeds and oil. Participants will range from cultivation consultants, primary and further processors, traders, scientists and engineers, and investors to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and to international automotive companies and suppliers. They all share a common interest in the utilization of hemp fibers, hurds and seeds. The conference language will be English. Over 150 international participants are expected.

If you would like to present your latest products, technologies or developments, book a stand and a bulletin board please contact: Mr. Dominik Vogt, phone: +49 (0)2233-4814-49, email:

Preliminary Programme

1st day (May 23rd)
Session: Country reports

Chairman: Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany)
John Hobson (Hemp Technology Ltd., Great Britain): European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) - status and outlook
Fabrizio Giamberini (The Latin America Hemp Trading, Uruguay): Developments on hemp in South America and especially in Uruguay
Bernd Frank (Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung GmbH (BaFa), Germany): Cooperation with Planet Chanvre
Emilie Snauwaert (Inagro vzw, Belgium): Opportunities of hemp production and tranformation in Belgium - analysis of challenges and bottlenecks by pilot activities
Sylvestre Bertucelli (Interchanvre, France): French hemp branche; Structure, trends and lobbying activities in Brussels
Sergey V. Grigoryev (N.Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR), Russia): Keeping genetic diversity of ex situ cannabis germplasm for crop breeding improvement

Session: Science & Policy

Chairman: John Hobson (Hemp Technology Ltd., Great Britain)
Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Policy framework for Hemp in the EU
Dr. Hans-Jrg Gusovius (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim, Germany): Renewable raw materials from agriculture - to produce or to save energy?

Session: Hemp seeds and oil for food, feed and body care

Chairman: Mark Reinders (HempFlax BV, The Netherlands)
Galathea Bisterfeld von Meer (Claremont Collection GmbH, Germany): Juice from Cannabis plants for food, feed and biogas
Daniel Kruse (Hempro International GmbH & Co. KG, Germany): New data on hemp food market
Gero Leson (drbronner, USA): Building a Sustainable and Fair Supply Chain for natural soaps - with Hemp and other renewable resources
Patrick Collins (Azabu University, Japan): Industrial Hemp-Seed "Okayu" as an anti-aging dietary addition, and other progress in Japan

Hemp as medicine

Chairman: Mark Reinders (HempFlax BV, The Netherlands)
Franjo Grotenhermen (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Markets for medical hemp

2nd day (May 24th)
Session: Fibre applications

Chairman: Gero Leson (Dr. Bronner, USA)
Alessio Montarsolo (CNR ISMAC Institute for the Study of Macromolecules, Italy): Hemp fibers surface treatments for the development of biocomposites and composites reinforcing agents
Martien van den Oever (Wageningen UR - FBR, Niederlande): UltraFibre project - Plasma treatment for improved adhesion in natural fibre polymer composites
Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, Germany): Hemp fibre pellets for injection moulding
Mark Reinders (HempFlax BV, The Netherlands): Results of the project: Non-food Crops-to-Industry schemes in EU27

Session: Shives applications

Chairman: Franois Desanlis (France)
Francois Boutroux (AGROFIBRE SAS - Groupe EURALIS, France): Shives applications
Jn Vrtielka & Roman Rh (Technical University Zvolen, Slovak Republic): Hemp shives for fractional utilization in particleboard

Session: Hemp building

Chairman: Franois Desanlis (France)
Denis Sommain (VICAT SA, France): Hemp Concrete based natural cement - The VICAT know-how

Session: Hemp textiles

Chairman: Franois Desanlis (France)
Stefanie Powell (Kunsthochschule Berlin Weiensee, Germany): European industrial hemp for home textiles? - A designer's approach
Daniel Kruse (Hempro Int, Germany): Hemp as textile
David Piller (USA): Sustainable Living Roadshow - an overview of the Hemp Hut's history

Further information

For non-members the fee for participation is 400 EUR plus 19% VAT (including lunches, snacks and dinner buffet).

Single day registration is also available. 1st day, May, 23rd is 300 EUR and 2nd day, May, 24th is 250 EUR. Conference registration, program and hotel information may found at:

Organizer of the 9th Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association

nova-Institut GmbH

nova-Institut GmbH
Dominik Vogt
Chemiepark Knapsack
50354 Huerth / Germany
Phone: +49(0)2233-48-1449
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